Standing at 120 foot (40 metres), this big abseil is not for the faint hearted. Whether you complete it as a personal challenge, or for charity sponsorship, this activity is sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

*All activities are subject to weather conditions.

If this sounds right up your street, and you fancy giving yourself a mega challenge of mind over matter, come and have a go. It's a very popular activity to get sponsorship for for a charity event etc. It's a very popular activity to get sponsorship for for a charity event etc.

National Coasteering Charter The Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) The Association of Mountaineering Instructors (AMI) The Institute for Outdoor Learning UK Canyon Guides (UKCG)

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  • All prices include VAT at 20%


You’ll be in the care of one of our highly experienced and qualified instructors, they’ll do all the technical side of things in setting it all up, kitting you up in a harness and helmet, and showing you what and how to do it. Once you step back over the edge with 120 foot of nothing beneath you, it will be down to you to control your own speed as you descend, but fear not; you’ll also be attached to a safety rope which your instructor will be in control of, making it super safe, so no matter what you do you’ll be in good hands. We are AALA licensed, meaning we meet and exceed very high standards of safety for adventurous activities.

National Coasteering Charter The Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) The Association of Mountaineering Instructors (AMI) The Institute for Outdoor Learning UK Canyon Guides (UKCG)


Just about anyone that can get a harness on can do it. You just need the strength of mind to step off the edge, once you’ve done that it’s easy going. We have had very brave 8 year olds do this abseil, though generally we would recommend being 10 or older.


We will provide the key safety items; the helmets and harnesses. You will need to prepare yourself with the following:
  • Trainers or boots on your feet. Any shoe must cover the whole foot (i.e. not sandals or similar), mustn’t be able to fall off (like crocs) and they will need to have a flattish sole (not stilettos or high heels of any sort).
  • Flexible clothing, anything that’s not restrictive is good.
  • Warm and windproof clothing, sometimes…. This is of course based on the weather, if there is a bit of a breeze a blowin’ then it could get chilly so have full length clothing and a jacket of some sort. If it’s raining you’ll need to put waterproofs on to keep dry, thankfully the rain doesn’t really effect the activity.
  • Suncream and any medication you might generally carry.


This is the only activity that we run that we meet you at the venue itself, which is the Breakwater Country Park just outside of Holyhead. If you are travelling from Anglesey Outdoors, then it’s 3.4 miles away and takes under 15 minutes. You can download details of how to get there on booking.


A half day session is 3 and a half hours long. So we can have a group of whatever size you want for this activity, but to be realistic in the three and a half hours, to have one go each we'd not recommend bringing more than 18 people, if there is any spare time, you'd get extra go's at it!


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